Work Related Items - Custom Audio / Video

The following links are related to various items many people in the Custom Audio/Video field deal with every day.

Please note that ALL items listed carry a disclaimer: These are informational items only, and based on various configurations of the products listed, MAY NOT suit your particular system. We are not, and will not be held responsible for problems resulting from your implementation of the items listed. If you wish to make any changes to your current system configuration, you do so at your own risk. Please read your owner's manuals. Should you feel uncomfortable with making changes to your system, or do not fully understand any suggestions listed here, please contact your installation company and engage their services.

Audio ReQuest Music Servers - Potential Issues and Suggestions

MusicMatch ® Jukebox Basic Use as it Pertains to the ReQuest Music Server

This link has information relating to ReQuest Music Servers, and suggestions on how to make them just a little bit easier to use.
Basic instructions on use and set up of this software package.
Panasonic Home / Business Telephone Systems

Tips, Tricks and notes on "How To".
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