Panasonic 624 Phone System

Following are a few items related to the programming and set up of the Panasonic 624 Telephone System.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure that you know enough about these steps before doing anything - we don't want to be (and aren't) responsible for any problems you might encounter. If this seems to be too much work, or you aren't comfortable with it, please make arrangements to hire someone to do this for you. These items have not yet been verified to be 100% correct (due to system versions).

Miscellaneous Notes

Most of these items will be programmed into your system when it is installed.


The CALLER ID INDICATION button only lights up when the system has unanswered calls in the log.

The NAVIGATOR BUTTON (at the lower right corner of the phone) can be used to scroll through Caller ID information.

To erase the entire Caller ID log, press INTERCOM, then 70**#

To erase an individual Caller ID record, press TRANSFER while the information is displayed.

If your phone does not have a NAVIGATOR BUTTON, you can program an available button for Caller ID Selection. Press PROGRAM, then the button you want to use for Caller ID Selection, then 97, then STORE, then HOLD, then PROGRAM. (If you want a phone to record Caller ID information individually, rather than for the whole system, use 7 instead of 97.)

To call a number displayed on the Caller ID log, pick up the handset or press the SPEAKERPHONE button, and press the CALLER ID INDICATION button.

If you are on a call, and your phone doesn't ring or give you Caller ID when another call comes it, you need to program "Internal Call Waiting" for your phone. Press INTERCOM, then 7311 to activate.

If you tap the HOLD button twice in rapid succession, you'll see that the light does a "double-blink."  This means that the call is now on "exclusive" hold, and only the phone that put the call on hold can take it off hold.

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