Electronic House Magazine March 2005

The cover story for the March 2005  copy of Electronic House Magazine features a project my current company worked on.

If you have a chance to view this issue, please let me know what you think here.

You can also click on the cover graphic to be taken to the magazine's web site.

From the website:

Solo Act

A home office can be a great getaway. But this is no ordinary office. This one features a 50-inch high-definition plasma screen, speakers that are beautifully integrated into a wall of rare wood and one solo chair for some serious private time.

The homeowner normally works in his office, so the TV is turned to CNBC a lot. He also has the option of displaying his computer screen on the Runco plasma monitor. But when he wants to relax, watch out: The rest of the family may never get him out of there. A Pioneer Elite surround receiver provides surround sound to three B&W speakers in the front and two more in the back.

The three front in-wall speakers are set asymmetrically behind the lighter grille cloth. To compensate for the left and right speakers being at different heights, the installation team at Cutting Edge Systems of Westford, MA, mounted the right speaker upside down. That way, the tweeter that fires the higher frequency sounds, which need more directionality, could be on about the same vertical height as the left speakers. The center channel is offset above the screen. It's just another bit of escapism ingenuity.   -Steven Castle-

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